Why get a custom surfboard?

Because matching your board to your skills and the waves you surf makes a world of difference. We’ve been shaping for Raglan surfers over two decades, and know what boards work best for the conditions out here.

Superior Quality

With the surfboard industry being dominated by a few major brands and manufacturing being outsourced to Thailand and China, we’ve seen degrading quality in both materials used and glossing jobs over the past years. In contrast, Comenzind sources only highest quality materials and shapes your board here in Raglan from start to finish.


Local Knowledge

Mark has been surfing the points of Raglan pretty much all his life and knows the waves inside out. He’s been shaping his first board in 1991 and since then has been refining his surfboards for the local waves. Unlike global surfboard brands, we make boards that excell in local conditions.


Ongoing Relationship

When you start working with a shaper, you benefit from a wealth of knowledge that the sales person at the surf shop often simply doesn’t have. Over time you build a relationship with someone who truly understands your surfboard preferences and is able to make that magic board for you – over and over again.

We love stoked customers!

“I love my custom shaped 5’11″ – had to get used to it at first, but now it’s working so well on those overhead days. Never had a board that holds well and still is super loose. Mark has been fun to work with and I learned lots about his craft and how small changes can make big differences in a boards performance. With his relaxed and competent manner, Mark’s been great in guiding me towards a board that works for me. Thanks heaps!”

Sebastian, Raglan (NZ)Intermediate Surfer

When I spoke to people around town about getting a board for the points, they’ve all pointed me in the direction of Mark. Both his experience in the shaping bay and in the water makes for expertly refined boards. I have been stoked with every Camenzind board I’ve ridden and found working with Mark easy and enjoyable. He is easy-going, patient and his passion for crafting hi-performance surfboards is obvious.

Nick, Raglan (NZ)Advanced Surfer

Getting Mark to make my board was one of the best surfing decisions I’ve made. He listened when I explained my (limited) abilities. He was open and helpful about construction methods when I asked for some ‘Eco’ materials to be used. He came up with the best shortboard I’ve ridden. What more could you ask for? Oh, a beer to celebrate and he gave me one of those too!

Niall, Raglan (NZ)Intermediate Surfer

Our Process

1. Discover & Consult

We sit together and chat about your surfing, the boards you like and don’t like, the waves you surf most, and what you had in mind for your new board. We’ll give you feedback and talk you through your best options for a new shape that suits your surfing.

2. Design & Shape

Once we’ve pinned down the dimensions of you new board, we take you into the shaping bay and draw up your new board together with you in the room so you can give instant feedback.

3. Glass & Finish

When you’re happy with the planshape, we go and finish the job. We can use standard glassing or add extra layers for increased strength and weight in bigger waves. We’re also specialised in stringerless future-lite construction and epoxy boards.

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